Santa buys foreclosed home, returns it to owner

A few months back, the Batts family lost their home to foreclosure

HUNTINGTON, WV (WSAZ) – With a knock on the door and a hearty cheer, Santa showed up on David Batts’s doorstep Thursday morning. He brought some toys and also brought something else.

It’s not just a piece of paper. It’s the deed for the Batts’ house. A few months back, the Batts family lost their home to foreclosure. Having such a rich history in the neighborhood, the Batts’ didn’t want to leave. They had been talking with the person who bought their house.

Now that person may or may not have been the man behind the Santa beard. Dave Batts home was bought by Santa. The Batts family thought they might be able to buy the house down the road. However, Santa decided to speed up the process.

There still might be a few more gifts under the tree this Christmas. Santa gave out a hundred dollar bill for all nine of the Batts grandchildren. David Batts couldn’t help but think about his mom. And now it’s back with the family thanks to a little magic from good old Saint Nick.

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