Oakland warehouse fire lawsuit

36 people were killed when a fire broke out

Murder Charges Possible In Oakland Fire
District attorney considering wide range of criminal charges in wake of Oakland fire that left at least 36 people dead.

OAKLAND, Cali. (CNN) – The parents of two of the people that died in the ghost ship warehouse fire have filed a lawsuit, saying the dwelling was a “death trap,” that should have been shuttered long before dozens lost their lives during an event there a few weeks ago.

The families of two young people who perished in a warehouse fire in Oakland, California, earlier this month, have filed suit, claiming everyone from the building owners to city employees, knew of the dangers posed by the building, long before the deadly blaze.

“They want justice for the terrible loss of these two beautiful young people who will never come home,” said Mary Alexander, attorney.

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36 people were killed when a fire broke out during an electric dance party at the Ghostship, a dilapidated two-story structure that housed artist studios and illegal make-shift residences.

The families allege that members of the Oakland Fire Department actually “attended and held a music event” at the building prior to the deadly fire.

“There was notice, both, of course to the owner, who has a responsibility to know what’s going on in her building. But, also notice to the city and to, the police knew, the firemen knew. This is really egregious negligence of the highest level.”

Among the allegations in the lawsuit, the building was a “death trap” composed of make-shift rooms filled with clutter. The building contained insufficient smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

There had been numerous complaints of noise, illegal dwelling and debris to the Oakland Police Department and the Planning and Building Department.

Attorneys for those listed in the lawsuit could not be reached for comment. And the Alameda County D.A. has yet to decide if criminal charges will be filed.

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