Two Turners Falls chimney fires occur within 12 hours

There's no word on just how these potentially deadly fires began

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – Separated by 12 hours, two chimney fires spoiled Christmas Day for Turners Falls families and their house guests.

Fortunately, those in the home on 28 High Street, in the Montague Village of Turners Falls were unharmed. Eight people were at home at the time, believed to be the family who live there and their guests.

According to Turners Falls Firefighter Jeffrey Ellis, because of the location of the fire, it’s believed the fire spared the Christmas gifts scheduled to be opened Christmas morning.

However, because of the damage sustained in the chimney area, the house is unlivable until the interior can be repaired.  Firefighter Ellis said relatives are taking care of the family that was left temporarily homeless.

12 hours later, less than a block away at 18 High Street in Turners Falls, the same type of chimney fire occurred.

Fire Captain Kyle Cogswell told 22News, “It was a similar case of the fire starting in the fireplace, but damage was kept to a minimum and the residents can remain there”.

Captain Cogswell said “it should to a warning to everyone to have a professional check out your fireplace at least once a year.”

As of now there’s no word on just how these potentially deadly fires began.