Baptism of ill elderly man goes viral

The video will live as a lasting memory

(CNN) – A preacher’s visit and message of peace provoked a dying man to get baptized. It was how a preacher and hospital worked together to pull off the baptism that’s caused video of it to go viral.

Jordan Bishop, the pastor of the Church of Christ in Cape Girardeau loves one part of his job in particular. “Going out in visitation and making a difference for people, encouraging them… uplifting them and providing them some sense of hope.”

Then last week he gave lasting hope to someone he had never met.

Carol Stull, Robb’s Cousin: “We’re talking about my cousin Joe Robb…”

Jordan Bishop, Minister: “Oh yea… I never met Joe before…

Carol Stull, Robb’s Cousin: “And he has liver cancer…”

Jordan Bishop, Minister: “Joe was kind of a really cool circumstance.”

Carol Stull, Robb’s Cousin: “And he’s had a couple rounds of chemo but I think it’s just too late…”

Jordan Bishop, Minister: “I went up to the hospital the next day and learned just, kinda, Joe’s situation sat and talked with him and from there we decided that he wanted to be baptized.”

And within two hours Joe was being lowered into the pool at St. Francis hospital.

Carol Stull says, “Well it’s just inspiring to see this young man, in a Star Wars T-shirt, help this very ill man… and baptize him into Christ…”

This video was taken for the family to remember the moment…the church sharing it on their Facebook page as well.

Bishop says, “It’s just something we’re excited about”

Stull said, “It makes it a lot easier for everyone in the family, it really does.”

But the video grew in popularity, getting more than 1,500 likes, topping 66,000 views, and 600 shares.

Bishop says, “I had not anticipated that in any way, I just expected it to be share among our members and they just be excited about it…”

The video living as a lasting memory even after Joe’s gone.

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