Trump, Putin hint at nuclear arms race

There is concern now that a new global nuclear arms race could quickly emerge

(CNN) – Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual marathon end-of-year press conference Thursday

Among many, many things he discussed during the four-hour media event, the kremlin leader pledged beefing up Russia’s own nuclear arms

That while downplaying trump’s call for strengthening and expanding the u-s nuclear capability.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin vowing today to stay neck and neck with the U.S., if president-elect Donald trump does seek to expand the us nuclear arsenal after taking office.

Putin said, “If someone accelerates and speeds up the arms race, it will not be us, but I would like to underline which is important for our domestic situation and domestic public, I would like to say that we will never once we are in arms race, we will never spend too much.”

Putin said he saw nothing new in Trump’s tweet Thursday promising to strengthen and expand the U.S. nuclear arsenal. This morning Trump went a step further in comments to a morning TV anchor. An alarming statement delivered in a surreal festive setting.

Mika Brzezinski talked about a phone conversation he had with Trump “let it be an arms race – because we will outmatch them at every pass, and outlast them all.”

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary later suggesting the president-elect wasn’t necessarily talking necessarily talking about Russia alone, “there are countries around the globe right now that are talking about increasing their nuclear capacity. And the United States is not going to sit back and allow that to happen without acting in kind.

Joe Ciricione said, “if the US and Russia, who each have about 5,000 weapons in their active stockpile, say they need more weapons, well, how about china, who has about 200, 250? Do they need more? What about India? What about Pakistan?”

As a candidate, Trump struggled to speak precisely about nuclear weapons. While trump has talked about the need to modernize the nuclear force, he has not offered specific plans.

Trump said, “I think – I think, for me, nuclear is just the power, the devastation is very important to me.”

There is concern now that a new global nuclear arms race could quickly emerge.