Serving take-out Christmas dinners growing in popularity

Take-out meals can allow hosts to feed more guests.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Many hundreds of western Massachusetts Christmas dinners served at home will have actually been prepared in a restaurant’s take-out kitchen.

There’s been an surge in the popularity of having restaurants cook the meals you’ll serve to your guests on Christmas Day. The Delaney House restaurant in Holyoke prepared meals which can feed up to 12 guests.

For many homemakers who no longer cook dinner themselves, it’s simple economics. Rich Poggi, the kitchen manager at the Delaney House said, “I don’t think you can go out and buy the ingredients and lump everything together in the large quantity to get to the end product I would provide for you.”

As Christmas dinner take-out becomes more popular, we’re told that fewer and fewer homemakers are inclined to claim they prepared the meal themselves.