Santa takes last minute Christmas requests from children in western Mass.

Santa has made this trip to western Massachusetts for the last 24 years.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you kept your eyes and ears peeled Friday, you may have noticed that Santa made a very special visit to Springfield!

While he spends most of his time in the North Pole, the jolly soul told 22News, he loves western Massachusetts, and just had to visit before the big night.

Lopez, the morning producer at 94.7 WMAS told 22News Santa got on his sleigh, and flew all of the way from the North Pole to their studios at the Basketball Hall of Fame. “This year, Santa needed a place to hang out while he was doing his visit to western Massachusetts, and we have a giant tree, so we told Santa to stop by and say hi, then have all of the kids call up and tell him what they want,” he said.

Santa has been coming to western Massachusetts every year, for the past 24-years to find out what all of the kids in the area want for Christmas. If they’re on the nice list, they may just wake up to that gift Christmas morning.

Santa took calls from dozens of children in western Massachusetts, but some kids wanted to make their requests to the big man in person.

Haley Metz told 22News she knew exactly what she was going to ask Santa for on Friday. “I want a Barbie dream house and more dolls,” she said. Haley said since she’s on the nice list, she’s feeling pretty good about her request.

Before Santa packed up and flew back to the North Pole, he also reminded us of one very important tip… it’s never too late to get a spot on the nice list.