App allows cats to take their own selfies

An app developer has created an app that now allows cats to take selfies

(CNN) Taking pictures of your cat is so yesterday. A Canadian developer has created an app that now allows cats to take pictures of themselves. It’s called Candid Catmera. An app, that actually allows the cat to take their own picture.

Nathan Kroll, the app developer, said, “The internet is completely intoxicated with cats.”

The Halifax award winning multimedia company, Current Studios has just launched it. You know, those viral cat videos we used to take, well the cats can take their own now.

Cat people know, cats rule. Have under their feline spell but taking their own pictures well, that’s a whole other cat frontier.

Dennis Hubley, a software engineer talked about what is involved in developing an app like this, “A lot of different technologies involved.”

Different and complicated technology like feline facial recognition. The app has cat-tractions that lure the cat to your device things like fish in a tank, a mouse scampering or the can opener opening the cat food. The most popular is this one.

So when the cat approaches your smart tablet the camera snaps and then the picture is sent to you…

Kroll said, “From a user perspective which technically is the cat. It’s super simple, you put the tablet out and the tablet will attract the cat over and automatically take pictures.”

To test the app, they partnered with the SPCA in Halifax, it was a hit. Now half the proceeds from the sale of the app go to the SPCA.

Kroll went onto say, “the internet is crazy for cats, selfies are out of control. It’s a fun combination and I hope we raise lots of money for SPCA.”

Mostly you just prop your smart phone or tablet up and let the cats have it. My one cat carol totally loves it. Mia, was like, whatever.

Anyhow cat selfies, it’s a thing, thanks to a Halifax company improving the world one cat shot at a time.