Bad Santa hands out candy before robbing bank

Man in Santa mask seen on tape robbing credit union

(CNN) – A bad Santa was caught on tape robbing a credit union. It happened in Memphis Wednesday. He hands out candy canes to employees and customers and wishes them a merry Christmas.

Then, he walks up to a teller and hands her a note demanding money. “You are trying to do your job and here comes someone with evil intents.”

Don’t be fooled by this grinning Santa mask. Underneath Kris Kringle, is a real life criminal? Morris Malone, Customer said, “That’s crazy, that’s real crazy people do stuff like that.”

Friday morning, MPD released surveillance video of Wednesday’s Santa-disguised robber at the Memphis city employees credit union. A man still at large.

Sandra Baker, Customer said, “That’s horrible. Makes you not have faith in anybody.”

Eddie Hudson, Resident said, “He’s supposed to be cheerful Santa. He’s not supposed to be no crook.”

In the video you see the masked Santa handing out candy canes…and then making an illegal withdrawal. This isn’t the first time a bad Santa has stolen someone else’s money.

Christmas Eve 2014, this bearded bandit acting like St. Nick robbed a bank on Covington pike in Raleigh. “I mean. I don’t know what to make of it anymore.  It’s so many things. So peculiar things going on.”

MPD and bank customers hope someone recognizes this guy under the Santa mask and reports him. “They’re going to catch him.  There’s too many cameras around here. So bad mistake. Wrong place.”

The credit union is back open for business. Anyone with information is asked to call Memphis police.