Shoppers crowd the Holyoke Mall, looking for the perfect Christmas gift

National Retail Federation: Last minute shoppers plan on buying clothing or accessories

HOLYOKE, Mass (WWLP) – The Holyoke Mall was packed Thursday night with shoppers who said they still need to get gifts, and with Christmas just days away, ordering online is becoming less of an option.

Thursday night, hundreds of shoppers crowded the Holyoke Mall looking for the perfect gift. Katrina Jones of West Springfield told 22News, “Just doing the last minute shopping. Found the item that my grandson wanted. There was only 2 left. Picked it up and ran.”

Christmas is just days away, and millions still have people to buy for. Alana Audet of New Hampshire said, “The malls are always packed, there’s always something going on, it’s wonderful.”

Shoppers are rushing to stores because it’s too late to order most gifts online in time for Christmas, and even when you brave the crowds, the selection is often limited. “I waited in line for hours and hours and hours and the line went all the way down the sidewalk. It was bad. And when I made it to the counter they were all sold out,” said Audet.

According to the National Retail Federation, 21% of last minute shoppers plan on buying clothing or accessories as Christmas gifts. Sophia Gouraley of Feeding Hills said that’s exactly what she plans to buy for loved ones. “I’ve been doing a lot of clothes for people this year and some books. Just kinda seeing what’s left.”