School officials want to limit marijuana stores in Easthampton

Healthy Youth Coalition said they support any measures that will help keep youth safe

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Easthampton school officials are urging City Council members to consider imposing a limit on the number of stores that can sell marijuana.

School leaders and youth advocates Wednesday night voiced concern about how an increase in marijuana shops could impact teenagers. The group wants the Easthampton City Council to limit marijuana licenses to no more than 20% of the number of liquor stores in the area.

The state has yet to establish a Cannabis Commission, and no stores will authorized to sell pot in Massachusetts until some time in 2018.

Brendan Shea of Easthampton told 22News he thinks it’s too early for the City to start setting regulations; “I think it’s premature because the thing just passed, and we need to see what’s going to happen. How the process is going to shape out with the state.”

Ruth Ever from the Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition said they support any measures that will help keep youth safe and healthy.

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