Woman tracked down after stealing package from porch

The woman had nearly 50 items posted for sale online

(Credit: Stefani Morris/CNN)

(CNN) – A Las Vegas couple caught the crook who was caught on camera stealing a package off their front porch.

Zakk and Stefani Morris sent a text message to the person they say stole from them, which said, “If you’re innocent you got nothing to worry about. If you’re guilty, unfortunately, I’m going to press charges.”

Cool and confident, they first had her nailed on camera and then they tracked her down.

Zakk said, “I see it all the time. You watch the news and someone steals a package. But they’re rarely caught.”

The couple’s amateur investigation started when they thought they saw their stolen pair of sneakers listed for sale online. So, they pretended to be interested buyers and arranged a meeting with the seller. The Morrises pulled up and their suspicions were confirmed, seeing right away it was the same person who paid their porch a visit.

Zakk noted, “Just a pair of shoes, but I was more mad at the fact that she hopped over my wall and invaded my privacy.”

Smartly avoiding a face-to-face confrontation, the couple texted the woman that police were on the way. The strategy worked, and she surrendered the shoes.

Zakk concluded, “You’re stealing from your neighbor at the end of the day. Even though I might not live next to you, you’re still supposed to look out for the people around you.”

The Morrises say the woman had nearly 50 items posted for sale online, leading them to believe she’s a serial thief.

They gave all that information to police.