Typo leads to alleged child abuser’s release

A GoFundMe account for the girl has grown to over $5,000

SPOKANE, Wash. (CNN) – An accused child abuser is free in Spokane, Washington because of a typo. After being arrested for breaking both of a young child’s arms and one leg, Cedric Burton was bailed out of jail. His bond was supposed to be set at a number that would have made bail much less likely.

Doctors and nurses at providence sacred heart see it all the time. A single mom leaves her young children with her new boyfriend, someone with no biological ties to the kids and the unwilling baby-sitter becomes violent.

Andrew Walker, the child’s biological father said, “They said he took her to go get candy of some sort and then about 30 minutes later she was reported that she couldn’t walk.”

Cedric Burton denies hurting Jayonna but surveillance video from the motel where the child and her mom were staying shows Jayonna walking just fine when she leaves with Burton, but unable to stand when Burton brought her back.

Walker said, “Then I later found out that she had four broken bones, two wrists, a femur and the leg.”

A deputy prosecutor then asked the court for a warrant so police could arrest Burton “and” that when he was taken into custody that burton be held on a quarter million dollar bond.

However when a judge authorized the warrant, someone dropped a zero on the paperwork and the warrant was issued for 25 thousand dollars. It was because a different deputy prosecutor attended Burton’s initial appearance, no one realized a mistake had been made and Burton bonded out of jail.  The good news is Burton has been showing up for all his court appearances.

A GoFundMe account Walker set up for his daughter has grown to over $5,000.

Walker said, “She is making great progress. She’s actually ahead of schedule on healing. She is trying to move around a little more but her body still hurts.”