Trump goes on Tweetstorm about election win

Trump's electoral win is modest by historical standards

(AP Photo/John Locher)

(CNN) – It’s Donald Trump’s favorite subject at his post-election rallies. Not his upcoming agenda or his cabinet, but his victory.

Trump said, “By the way, as soon as the real polls came out, we won it in a massive landslide.”

But it wasn’t a landslide. Trump’s electoral win is modest by historical standards. Still, the President-elect is pushing back on any critics who note he came up nearly 3 million voters short in the popular vote.

Trump explained, “I would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote – but would campaign differently. Campaigning to win the Electoral College is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote. Hillary focused on the wrong states!”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich noted, “This is the football season. A team can have more yards and lose the game. What matters is how many points you put on the board. The Electoral College is the points.”

But democrats aren’t buying it, and accuse republicans of inflating their election win to justify a broad mandate.

Former Clinton campaign spokesman Jesse Ferguson wrote in Time Magazine: “If we don’t fight back against unfounded claims of a mandate, or navel-gazing that this election was a total rejection of our party, we will be wondering why the republican agenda has gained momentum in just a few short months.”

Trump is restarting the debate over his election win, just as questions are being raised about his business interests. The Trump family is distancing itself from a fundraiser that had been scheduled one day after inauguration, seeking donations of up to $1 million in exchange for hunting outings with Trump’s sons.

Transition officials maintain the sons won’t be involved despite the fact that the group holding the fundraiser lists Trump’s sons Don Jr. And Eric as two of its directors.

Transition Spokesman Jason Miller said, “There is no involvement of this with Don Jr. or Eric, nor do they plan on being involved with it.”

Other questions about conflicts of interest are being raised, like the Kuwaiti government’s decision to hold an upcoming event at Trump’s new D.C. hotel, which is just steps from the White House.

Top trump supporter Newt Gingrich says the President-elect doesn’t even like his campaign catch phrase “drain the swamp” anymore.

Gingrich said, “I’m told he now just disclaims that. He now says it was cute, but he doesn’t want to use it anymore.”

Trump appears to be closing in on some important announcements on staffing at the White House.

The job of Press Secretary will be filled sometime over the next 48 hours, and that RNC spokesman Sean Spicer remains a favorite for the position.