New patch meant to replace insulin shots

Patch allows diabetics to rely on steady stream of insulin

(KPRC) – A new approach to insulin eliminates the need for some diabetics to give themselves shots multiple times throughout the day.

Bessie Neal has been injecting herself with insulin for about four years. She says it’s unpleasant for a number of reasons.

“Trying to take a shot in a restaurant, maybe people looking, is kind of embarrassing and some people don’t want to see you take care of your medical needs in public,” Neal said.

It’s different now, she says, because she’s free from multiple daily shots since she started using the V-Go method instead.

It pricks her with one needle in the morning. Once it’s in, it stays in place with an adhesive patch and provides a steady dose of insulin. She can give a boost before meals.

Neal says it’s not uncomfortable because the needle isn’t very large.

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