Massachusetts man saves grandson from being hit by car

Police are trying to determine why the driver lost control

NEEDHAM, Mass. (CNN) – An out-of-control car struck a man and then crashed into a house in Massachusetts. The man’s four-year-old grandson narrowly escaped injury. The grandfather may have pushed him to safety.

Diana Conroy, who helped the victim said, “It was horrendous. The man was very badly hurt. It was horrible.”

That man was walking his grandson home from school just before 3, neighbors say, when a car veered off Powers Street through a fence and onto the sidewalk.

The 4-year-old boy described what happened. Conroy said, “He talked about falling on the ground and then getting up.  But he wasn’t hurt.  So what we think maybe happened was the grandfather pushed him out of the way.”

That out of control car sped over the lawn, crossed Webster Street, side-swiped a car, crashed through another fence and then careened into this home.

Susan Barnes-brown, whose house was damaged said, “I was writing and it moved the table.  The whole house shuttered.” Barnes-brown ran out to help the driver. “I had to yank the door open because i saw smoke. I just brought towels and ice because his face was covered in blood.”

The victim was also bleeding, unable to move after the violent crash.

Conroy said, “The guy was bleeding really heavily from his head so I just pushed my scarf on it.”

Police spent hours reconstructing the crash, as they try to determine why the driver lost control.