Decapitated man found behind Walmart

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (CNN) – Authorities are looking for answers after a decapitated body was found near an Albuquerque Walmart over the weekend.

No word on a motive or any possible suspects right now. Police found the body dumped behind an Albuquerque Walmart over the weekend naked with his head and genitalia missing. The body has been identified as 42-year-old Clifford Miller of McAlester, Oklahoma.

Online court records show Miller was arrested for cultivating marijuana in 1995. Court records show he was also arrested a year before that for unlawful possession of a controlled drug. Albuquerque police say they used fingerprints to identify Miller.

Police contacted Miller’s father who still lives in Oklahoma to notify him about what happened. Police say Miller moved to Albuquerque a few months ago to find a job but say that’s pretty much all they know right now.

“We don’t know the specifics of what happened or how the body got there, we do know that the incident did not occur at the Wal-Mart,” said Fred Duran of the Albuquerque Police Department/

Police say they’re looking into all leads even the possibility that this could be tied to drug cartels. Investigators say it’s unclear if miller ever actually found a job in Albuquerque.

They’re asking anyone who knew Miller while he was here to call police.