Winter weather hazards might not be covered by insurance

The winter weather brings along hazards for both your home and automobiles

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter officially begins this week but the winter weather has already made its presence known in western Massachusetts.

“The policies that most people carry are going to respond to a lot of the things that we have to deal with,” said Bill Trudeau, the President of Insurance Center of New England.

The ice and snow can make a bill too big to handle without the proper insurance. Whether it be a house or an automobile, it’s good to review your policies especially during this winter season. Many times agents will offer a better deal or rate if they are dealing with both policies.

Trudeau told 22News with more ice on the roadways, you want to make sure you have collision. Some insurance agencies also offer accident forgiveness for a small percentage extra.

“If you have the section which they call collision and then what they call comprehensive, those are the two areas that are going to provide coverage to fix your car should something go wrong with it,” said Trudeau.

Snow, tree branches on the roof, ice dams or frozen pipes can cause a significant amount of damage to your home. Trudeau said, “Really the standard homeowner’s policy, if you have a traditional homeowner’s policy, should respond pretty well to those situations.”

Coverage alters if the house is left vacant. For example, going to Florida for the winter, you have to make sure the house is winterized because you may not be covered if the heat was not set properly and the pipes freeze.

If there is damage, make sure you take pictures and make a claim sooner rather than later.