Research shows Millennials tend to gift experiences

National chains like Walmart have sections online devoted to last minute gifts

(CNN) – It’s less than a week until the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas. Are you still thinking about that perfect gift? Many stores are running sales now, but there is a trend that may make your gift giving easier.

Stores are counting on last minute shoppers. You can see it in commercials. National chains from Macys’ to Nordstrom and Walmart have sections online devoted to last minute gifts. However, many Millennials are taking a different option.

Mike Maughan of Qualtrics said, “Millennials want a story to tell. They want that much more than they want a product or a service.”

According to research from Qualtrics, an insights and customer experience company, a quarter of spending by Millennials this holiday season will be on experiences.

Maughan said, “So you’ll see more trips. You’ll see more big dinners. You’ll see more events that people are going to go to. And that people will also give as part of that experience because they can tell that story on social media. And they can learn about those products and also experience those with other people and that’s where this trend toward experiences as gifts will become even bigger this year and will continue I think as a trend far into the future.”

If you need something now, get tickets to a future concert or movie online or go to a restaurant and get a gift card.

In many cases, you can print or email confirmation of your purchase even on Christmas.