Governor Charlie Baker supports maintaining Electoral College

Election of Trump without popular vote win has some calling for an end to the system

Baker on Confirmed Concord Tornado

BOSTON (WWLP) – Despite nationwide protests, Republican Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote; a final step to become the next president. Trump won the electoral vote, despite falling short on the national popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton by a margin of nearly three million.

In part because of that gap, people rallied at state capitals across the nation in hopes of convincing Republican electors to vote for Clinton, or at least for somebody else. Their efforts were unsuccessful, and in fact, there were more Democratic electors who didn’t vote for Clinton than Republican electors who did not vote for Trump.

There is a growing movement to end the Electoral College altogether, and use the national popular vote to pick the president. Not everyone supports this, however. Governor Charlie Baker says that he likes the way the system works now.

“If we really played this game on a popular vote only, literally half the states in the United States would be disenfranchised, and no one would campaign there, and no one would care. I think that would be a huge problem,” Baker said.

Congress still has to certify the results of the Electoral College before it becomes official, and that is expected to take place on January 6.