Christian rapper sentenced for killing producer

(CNN) – A Christian rapper was sentenced to 18-years in prison for running down and killing a music producer.

“He took my grandson. He was going to become a police officer,” said the victim’s family member.

Standing in court, guilty of breaking a key commandment, Christian rapper Ryan “Ry-money” Salandy claimed stress and anxiety caused him to plow down his estranged music producer, William McDaniel.

“Not once did he apologize to the family,” said a family member.

McDaniel, who worked a number of odd jobs, including private security at area bars, dreamed of becoming a K9 police officer.

“He’s gone forever, he can’t get married, he can’t have a girlfriend, he can’t have any babies, nothing,” said a family member.

On that fateful September day, Salandy hit the gas. 45 miles an hour, no breaks, no swerving, just impact. The damage to his Saab’s hood, roof, and windshield convey the deadly consequence.

“He hunted him down that day,” said the victim’s father.

McDaniel’s dad believes Salandy intended to kill his son. A text sent one day before the murder reading, “I’m going to **** you up when I see you.”

“One of our plans was to go down to West Virginia to have a hot dog. We wanted to go down to West Virginia for a couple of days, just us two. I’m never going to have that opportunity,” said the victim’s father.

A judge sentenced Ryan Ry-Money Salandy to 18 years in prison. But with good behavior he could get out in as little as nine. He’ll also have to take anger management classes before driving a car again.

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