100 cats rescued from home, need to be adopted

(CNN) – Cute cats aren’t unusual at Sammie’s Friends, the cat rescue non-profit, that operates the Nevada County Animal Shelter.

It was overwhelmed last Wednesday, when animal control confiscated a travel-trailer full of cats from an elderly couple.

Evan Walsh said, “At first we think it’s 60, oh it’s probably around 30, and then it came out to be a hundred.”

It had the staff working late into the night, “I’ve never vaccinated that many, I did 91 in one day,” said Alex Maloney.

Shelter founder Cheryl Wicks said a call went out to a network of supporters to temporarily house dozens of cats, “About five veterinarians took six or seven or eight each. We had pound puppy rescue which took 8, we had others that took five.”

The list goes on and on, and donations of food and cat litter flooded into the shelter.  People who have heard about the 100 cats have come to adopt as well.  There’s some optimism once they are spayed and neutered.

A lot of times hoarded cats are not adoptable because they’ve been neglected. Not so much in this case.

“I’d say it’s pretty unusual that they’re healthy and friendly and pretty, and that’ll make them easy to adopt,” said Wicks.

The issue now is raising $10,000 to get them spayed and neutered, and checked medically.

Maxine and Ray Abreau helped with a donation of $700 in cash, “Every animal needs a home just like every child does.”

The adoptions have already begun, “So this kitty’s already been adopted. As soon as she gets spayed, she’s going to go home with her new family.”