Water ban lifted in the Town of Amherst

Conservation efforts still necessary to ensure long term water supply


AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Town of Amherst announced on Monday that the mandatory water ban has been lifted.

According to Stephanie Ciccarello, the town’s Sustainability Coordinator, the ban was first put in place on August 19th because of an “extended period of dry weather and a multi-year drought.”

“Amherst residents and our institutional partners: Amherst College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts – have done an excellent job at curtailing water usage during the ban,” said Town Manager Paul Bockelman. “We must all remain vigilant and continue to use water efficiently. One rain storm or a wet winter will not relieve us from the need to use less water in the future.”

Most of Massachusetts is still dealing with drought conditions; but in Amherst, “We are able to lift the water ban at this time because the activities that were prohibited are those that generally occur in warmer, milder weather,” said Amy Rusiecki, Assistant Superintendent of Public Works.

Ciccarello said the town’s water supply needs are being served by its network of wells, and the Centennial Reservoir was recently brought on line.

She added that the water levels at Atkins Reservoir remain below normal, and overall recharge to groundwater remains below normal. Residents are asked to continue to be mindful of their water usage.