Incoming Governor vows to repeal HB2 in North Carolina

(NBC News) – North Carolina lawmakers are poised to repeal the state’s controversial “HB 2” law, commonly called the Bathroom Bill.

The law limits protections for LGBT people.

On Monday Charlotte’s city council voided the local ordinance granting protections to LGBT people that prompted the statewide law, with one condition.

Their repeal gives the General Assembly has until December 31st to repeal the state law, which mandates in part that transgender people use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in most public buildings.

Many Republican lawmakers cite Charlotte’s ordinance as the reason for the statewide law, which prompted protests and boycotts that cost North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tourism and business.

Incoming Governor Roy Cooper says he already has an agreement from the leaders of the state Senate and House of Representatives to undo the law, and that the legislature would meet in special session on Wednesday to make it happen.

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