Assistance for those struggling to pay their heating bill

Heating your homes during these cold winter months can be costly

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There are fuel assistance programs for people living below the poverty line, but Springfield Partners for Community Action has a program to help those who make too much money to qualify for those programs.

It’s an effort to help people who are above the poverty line and typically turned down for fuel assistance, even though they’re struggling. “We try to catch individuals who have fallen between the cracks, who have financial hardship, because with our program, it’s a one time financial assistance throughout the life of the program,” said Asset Coordinator TJ Steele.

To qualify for funding, a single family home would have to make more than $23,000. The emergency Fuel Assistance Program will help individuals pay for their primary heating only. This means they will assist up to $500 in whatever your primary heating source is, whether it be wood pellets, propane, oil, gas or electric.

When applying, you’d have to explain why you’re having trouble paying your heating bill, and provide some proof. It could include anything from high medical bills to a loss of income.

You can apply now by calling 413-263-6500, or by going to the Springfield Partners for Community Action website.

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