Super Saturday moved to Sunday for some shoppers due to snowstorm

Saturday's snow storm had some shoppers grounded for the Super Saturday sales a week before Christmas

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The countdown to Christmas continues and some people are still scrambling to get gifts.

Saturday’s snow storm had some shoppers grounded for the Super Saturday sales a week before Christmas.

Sandra Wilson told 22News “Yesterday was too bad. I wasn’t going out and today was perfect so we’re going to get it done.”

On Sunday, some of those pent up shoppers were able to let loose at the Holyoke Mall.

Tiana Wilson of Springfield said, “I totally thought I was going to get all my shopping done yesterday. I went outside and I went to try and clean off my car and I was like no way not happening.  So today’s the day I’m trying to get everything done.”

Shoppers big and small had their work cut out for them.

For some folks said it wasn’t just about getting those last minute gift items that they weren’t able to get on Saturday because of the snowstorm. It was about continuing to shop to get those last minute deals.

Jackie DeCusati from New Haven said “Did not put off my plans for holiday shopping because I’m pretty much desperate at this point in time. I promised myself I would be done, but I’m not done and I’m that crazy woman running through the mall, I even came yesterday.”

For some it was about getting out of the house, people watching, and enjoying the day dry inside the mall.

I hope it’s gone to be honest with you. I don’t like snow but you know it’s nice. Some people I talk to all the time and they like to see snow around Christmas time so it’s a blessing for some and it’s a curse for others so.

Whittling down the list with the hopes of a white Christmas seemed to be on everyone’s wish list.