Holiday shopping continued on a snowy Saturday morning

snow became steady late morning

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – When you have shopping on your mind, it stays on your mind. Residents in Northampton continued on their day this morning unphased by the snow.

The weekend before the Holidays, is usually a busy one, filled with lots of errands and shopping to be done. But that was interrupted as snow blanketed western Massachusetts Saturday morning. Snow moved into western Massachusetts early Saturday morning, becoming widespread and heavy during the second half of the morning.

22News talked to one business owner in Northampton who was a little worried that the snow would ruin Christmas shopping this weekend.

Luaha Page, from Cummington, who works in Northampton, told 22News, “I”m a retailer I own a shop around the corner here and its not the best thing for retail right now but it is beautiful and it is seasonal.”

After 22News talked to what would soon be customers, they didn’t let the snow slow them down, not even a little bit. Residents in Northampton seemed completely unphased by the snowfall. As the morning went on, it seemed the number of people grew.

22News talked to some shoppers who actually enjoyed it snowing during the busy morning. Megan Valovich, from Connecticut, told 22News, “Its even better cause its all snowy and ‘christmasy.'” Mary Witt, from Florence, told 22News, “No you can walk that’s the beautiful thing about Northampton you can just walk to all the stores.”

Plows and people with shovels carried on with their day, to try and make it easier for the shoppers to get around. One thing is for sure is that the steady snow did not affect anyone’s day or holiday shopping in Northampton. If anything it might have brought some people out.

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