Another start to the snow storm season in Westfield

Many are avoiding dealing with the roads altogether

Snow impacts downtown Westfield, December 17th, 2016

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – During the hours immediately following the snow storm, homeowners continued clearing their driveways as the plow trucks made the streets and road safer for driving.

Another December day in New England. Another start to the snow storm season. The snow that blanketed Massachusetts Saturday morning may have come to a shock for some to wake up to.

Plows struggled to keep up on the roadways, but folks started to go about their business as the sun came up with the familiar hum of snow blowers and scraping of plows.

It’s a good old fashioned New England snowstorm, but it’s a light powdery mix, a lot of fun for the kids at home going sledding or the skiers. Not too difficult to shovel, but within five minutes of standing outside you can start to see just how much it’s accumulated. The roadways a different story, for people headed out getting those last minute gifts before Christmas next week.

The Super Saturday sales were too sweet for some as they braved the roads.  To get out of the driveway many residents felt the familiar snow shovel handle they had not touched since last year.

Sean Cassidy of Westfield said, “It’s hectic you know everybody trying to get presents for everyone you know planning for the family, then there’s the snow to deal with, got to shovel it all up. I mean it’s average New England weather.”

Average, but never easy to deal with. Some avoided dealing with the roads altogether.

Christina Roche of Westfield said “Has it affected your plans at all? Oh definitely, definitely. I don’t drive so it makes it harder.”

Some, including Santa, decided they were better off leaving the car or sled behind and just walking in the snow.

It’s beautiful, maybe a white Christmas. Just like those ones I used to know.