New state bill would require safety course for teen snowmobile drivers

The bill could include waivers for some young snowmobile drivers

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that would require safety courses for some snowmobile drivers.

If the bill passes in the House, it would require anyone under 18 years-old to complete a snow vehicle safety and responsibility course before driving a snowmobile. Some exceptions could include waivers for drivers 14 years and older operating snow mobiles on their own property as long as they are supervised by an adult. Law enforcement may also exempt drivers.

Tim Pydych, co-owner of Ray’s Cycle Center in Greenfield, told 22News that he thinks this is a good idea.

“A snowmobile is a unique vehicle, it operates in a unique environment, so it is good to have some training and some experience,” Pydych said.

“Some of them are very high performance, and people should have some sort of training and spend some time learning how a snowmobile handles.”

Pydych told 22News their snowmobiles are equipped with different features and accessories, such as power steering.  Prices range from $500 to $1,000.

The bill now moves to the House for final approval.