Tips to get your car ready for the cold


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Although cold air doesn’t usually cause any real issues for traffic, it can make getting your car started a challenge.

AAA Southern New England has tips for how to get your vehicle winter ready.

According to AAA’s car doctor John Paul, if you’ve done the preventative maintenance on your car, the bitter cold days shouldn’t be a problem.

Paul says one of the best ways to protect your car against winter trouble is to be certain your battery is fully charged and in proper working condition.

“Most batteries in New England last just under 5 years, so if the battery in your car is 3-years-old have it tested. If it’s close to 5-years-old, maybe think about replacing it.” – John Paul AAA Southern New England

When it comes to warming up your vehicle, AAA says extended warm-ups are not necessary. Let it warm up for a minute or so and take it easy on the car for the first few miles.

Also, don’t forget about the vehicle’s liquids. Coolant, oil and fuel should all be inspected before the cold weather hits.

“A 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze and water will protect your car up to -34 degrees and that’s really a good mixture and that’s what your car requires. So you need to bring your car into a repair shop to make sure the coolant is protecting the engine against freezing.” – John Paul, AAA Southern New England

Finally, AAA recommends to always keep your gas tank at least half full in the cold weather to prevent your car from stalling or not starting.