Registered sex offender dressed up as Santa

(CNN) – Leonard Kidd was a Petco employee.  The corporate office responded briefly to our questions by saying the company takes the safety of their guests seriously.

A spokesperson wrote in an email.  Leonard Kidd was hired by the store and played Santa Claus over the weekend.

We do know he renewed his sex offender registration in October.  In 2002, Kidd was convicted of aggravated sexual battery against a minor and assault and battery of a police officer.

He was released from jail just last year under one condition stay away from events were children could be present.

“To have a person in that position, you don’t know what he might be doing. You don’t know what he might be capable of. He may be repented of his mistakes, but that doesn’t me he’s not going to make the same mistakes down the road,” said David Hay.

Leonard Kidd has not commented on portraying Santa at Petco.  His probation officer told the Roanoke Times newspaper that he did not know about the Petco event.

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