Marijuana is legalized; What do I need to know?

Massachusetts now joins Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska in legalizing recreational marijuana

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – After lots of anticipation, adults can now legally smoke marijuana in Massachusetts. You could call it a “high” achievement for the state: legalizing recreational pot and being the first New England state to do so.

Adults 21 and older can now legally smoke pot, though in Northampton, the change hasn’t been dramatic. “In this area, people do it already,” said Erin Gardell of Amherst, “so I don’t think people will be like ‘Oh my God, let’s all go smoke outside!’ It’s just going to be low-key like it always is.”

Even popular retail and smoke store, Shop Therapy, hasn’t seen customers hustle to buy smoking products. Shop owner Keith Hazel told 22News, “It’s just another day for us. Conversations with the customers might change, where everyone might ask us certain questions about when we’re going to be doing what and if we are.”

Hazel said he hasn’t decided whether to apply for a license to sell marijuana.

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So you’re at least 21 years old, you’ve got your pot and the equipment, and you’re ready to get high; but before you light up, here are some of the restrictions you need to follow.

  • It’s illegal to smoke pot in public
  • Driving while high could land you an OUI
  • You can carry one ounce of weed with you, and have up to 10 ounces inside your home
  • You can also grow up to 6 plants, but only 12 per household

It’s illegal to sell marijuana without a license. Pot shops won’t be licensed and regulated until 2018, creating confusion on how adults can get weed. Gary Bivona of Amherst suggests, “It should have been packaged altogether. Don’t start setting up guidelines that actually are going to take effect 2 years down the road.”

Though some worry about these loopholes, others say to take things slow, give marijuana a chance, and see what happens.

Massachusetts now joins Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska in legalizing recreational marijuana.