Electoral College to meet Monday; Massachusetts electors to vote for Clinton

Electors to meet at state capitals across the country December 19

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

BOSTON (WWLP) – The president will be formally selected on Monday, when members of the Electoral College meet in state capitols across the country. In Massachusetts, a group of eleven men and women- including two western Massachusetts residents- will cast their votes for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Electoral College is the system by which the president is elected, with each state receiving one vote per each member of the House and Senate (the District of Columbia also has three electoral votes despite having no voting representation in Congress). The candidate that receives the majority of electoral votes – 270- is elected president.

With wins in several large states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan, Republican Donald Trump racked-up more than 300 electoral votes in the November election, despite losing the overall popular vote to Clinton.

Clinton won about 60% of the vote in Massachusetts, so a Democratic slate of electors was chosen. All eleven are all expected to cast their ballots for her. Massachusetts is one of several states that punishes so-called “faithless” electors, who cast their votes for candidates other than the one that received a majority in their state.

Massachusetts’ electors are:

  • Nazda Alam of Weston
  • MaryGail Cokkinias of Longmeadow
  • Cheryl Cummings of Brighton
  • Dori Dean of Holyoke
  • Curtis LeMay of Lowell
  • Marc R. Pacheco of Taunton
  • Parwez Wahid of Framingham
  • Jason Palitsch of Shrewsbury
  • Donna S. Smith of Stoughton
  • Marie A. Turley of Jamaica Plain
  • Paul G. Yorkis of Medway