Dr. Phil – “Every parent’s worst nightmare”

6-year-old Lauren was stabbed over 20 times by her mother's boyfriend

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – On July 19, 2011, tragedy struck when innocent 6-year-old Lauren was killed by her mother, Allison’s, boyfriend – stabbed over 20 times while her twin sister was in the bed next to her.

Allison says in the time that’s passed, her life hasn’t gotten easier, but she’s just learned to live differently and has dealt with a lot of criticism after the media picked up the story.

John, Allison’s ex-husband and the father of Lauren, says that he too lost a daughter and is now losing contact with his two surviving children because he claims Allison is keeping them from him.

Can this family get on a path toward healing after such a brutal and senseless loss?

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