Cop accused of pulling over women for dates

The 37-year-old is suspended from his troop

(Credit: CNN/Pam Prather)

(CNN) – A New Jersey state police trooper is in trouble with the law. Authorities say he stopped female drivers just to ask them out on dates.

Imagine driving along the Garden State parkway, and suddenly, flashing lights behind you. You are getting pulled over, but what for? A date?

New Jersey state trooper Marquice Prather was arrested last Friday, December 9th for just that.

Linden Resident Regina Jarvis said, “If it’s a cop, who can you trust? Who can you trust? A state trooper doing something like that is really bad.”

Police say they investigated a number of cases and recognized a pattern of pulling women over ages 20 to 35, and asking for their phone number, or asking them to go out on a date. In many of those cases, Prather turned off his wireless microphone, later claiming it was broken.

The 37-year-old is suspended from his troop in Holmdel for allegedly trying to cover up the fact that he conducted improper stops of female drivers to proposition them.

Linden Resident Terrice Marshall noted, “I’d be probably a little scared too, because nothing like that ever happened to me before.”

Several woman filed complaints against Prather after being stopped. Others were contacted by investigators and outlined similar alleged conduct.

Neighbors on Prather’s block in Linden say they would feel extremely violated if they were put in this situation.

Linden Resident Elijah Harrison said, “I don’t think it’s right. I mean, shouldn’t be blackmailing or anything like that.”

Trooper Prather waived his first appearance in court Wednesday morning.