Apple’s AirPods finally available to buy online

Apple says the pods will take four weeks to ship

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – After Apple nixed the headphone jack on its latest iPhone, it introduced a new product: AirPods. The wireless headphones come with a built-in microphone and a sensor to detect when the buds are in your ears.

Apparently, the new product needed some more time. Several weeks after the product’s announcement, Apple delayed the AirPods’ launch. Now, the tech company says its futuristic device is ready to take off.

If you want to take the AirPods for a spin, order them now online, or buy it in Apple stores next week. It’s going to cost you $159, and Apple says the pods will take four weeks to ship.

If you’re worried about putting something under the tree, or losing one of the pods once you do get them, there’s a far less expensive accessory you can get now. An AirPods strap is listed for about $10 on Amazon. That can make it to your door before Christmas.