40 percent of Americans have received flu shot this year


MASON CITY, Iowa (KIMT) – According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention two out of five Americans have received their flu shot.

37 percent of kids ages six months to 17 years old received the shot already this year and 41 percent of adults have as well.  The CDC says these numbers are on track to meet last year’s turn out and we are seeing the same locally.

“The amount that we’ve given is very similar compared to the past years. The way we’ve been distributing the flu vaccine this year has been kind of more of a gradual,constant, busy, stream,” Bethany Bjorklund, an Immunization Nurse at Cerro Gordo County Public Health, said.

CGCPH hasn’t had any official reports of flu hitting the area. A case of influenza is only reported to them if someone is hospitalized or if it’s wide spread throughout a nursing home.

People are getting sick but it’s not the flu

Do you have a cold or the flu?

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