Tree taken from Mass. boy’s grave, mom shows grace

(CNN) – When 14-year-old Noah Fernandes died last spring, his battle with mitochondria disease was over. He fought it for nine years and seldom complained. Noah was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

While waiting for his permanent memorial to arrive, his parents had this simple gravestone made. A few days ago, they dressed it up with a small Christmas tree and decorated it with Noah’s favorite ornaments, but Sunday, someone stole Noah’s tree.

So you might think his parents want the thief caught and thrown in jail. Well, take a listen to Noah’s mom, “If somebody needed it more than Noah did and they’re bringing a little bit of Christmas to their home. Maybe they couldn’t afford it. And hopefully, maybe Noah could bless it and they would have a great Christmas. Maybe that will bring them pleasure and that’s what I hope for.”

However, there is pain, and it’s felt most not because the tree is gone, but because the ornaments were taken too. “That was what hurt me more than the tree itself.” Still, Noah’s memory will not allow bitterness, “Noah was an angel on this earth. He’s an angel now and maybe they need it.”

“If there’s a silver lining to all this besides the positive attitude that Christine lives life with, it’s that it’s focused some attention on Noah’s team foundation. With that money, they’re building a playground in Noah’s honor,” said Bill Shields.