Police report marijuana smell in airport tower

The FAA said both employees passed a drug test

(Credit: CNN/KBOI)

(CNN) – Around 2:30am, November 19th, helicopters called the Boise FAA air traffic control tower requesting to land, but got no response.

Boise police officers went to the tower for a welfare check, to make sure everyone was okay. In all of the reports, police say the men in the tower were fine health-wise, but were behaving very strangely.

An officer said of one of the tower employees “appeared to have just woken up,” and had “drowsy facial expressions.” Another officer’s report said the employee was “smiling and informing us everything was okay.” A third officer said they were “very groggy and sluggish. Dazed and confused.”

On top of seeming inattentive, police officers describe the tower employees as apathetic to the situation. One report says, “Both of them appeared to be unconcerned.”

In fact, one officer’s report says the airport operations specialist, who went in the tower with the officers, told them afterwards that, while they were up there, “the tower guy was calling out wrong runways and directions.”

Every officer’s report mentions smelling marijuana at some point in the tower.

The FAA said both employees passed a drug test, but they are continuing to investigate.