Displaying all of your pictures

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) We’re got so many photos stored on our computer and phone, but how can you display them properly?   Tani Dugger, the owner of Insight Photography gave us some tips.

Framing Tips:

1. It Needs to Match the Room
Most people use photos in frames to decorate a room. The photo might be awesome but the real reason it’s there is to enhance the room. Pick a color that matches the furniture in the room and you’re moving in the right direction.

2. The Frame Needs to Complement the Photograph
Ultimately, the photo needs to connect with the viewer, but the frame is the photo’s presentation. The frame says, “this is a great photo, look at it.” You need a frame whose colors match the colors of the photo. It needs to complement the work.

3. The Mat Needs to Complement the Photograph too
Black mat vs White I you can’t choose the safe choice is Darker frame with white or cream matts. How many mats, 3 seems to be a good number as it helps hold up the glass and keep it from bowing over time
4. Choose the glass that will work best for the location
Consider the location of the frame. If its going to be in a sun room you may want to think about opting for UV glass, this will minimize the sun damage to the image. If the frame is going to hanging on a wall opposite a lamp you may want to consider getting a glass that helps minimize the glare.
5. Important Events Need Important Frames
Photos that you paid a photographer to take, such as your wedding and newborn photos, need to be treated specially. You should go to a professional picture framer and selected a frame that matches the photo and your apartment. It also needs to be more prominent than the rest of the frames in your home. After all, this is one of the most important days in your life that has been immortalized.

Lense buying guide:

  • Long lens 80mm and larger like 200mm- are called portrait lens, because it gives real depth to the photo and can create a beautiful blurry background which can make your subject pop.
  • Short lens -50mm and smaller like 35mm gives you what you see when you look at a scene with your own eyes. Great for large groups of people or photographing a wonderfully decorated house with holiday lights from the outside.