Baby gift registry created for a pregnant orangutan

The registry includes movies like "Tarzan"

(Credit: CNN/Cameron Park Zoo)

(CNN) – Blankets and bowls and bubble bath. It looks like just another baby gift registry at Target, but this registry is targeted at a couple of apes and their unborn baby.

Just type in the mom’s first name, Mei, and up pops over 300 gifts perfect for the orangutan parents residing at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas.

Mei’s due date is the last week in January.

Laura Klutts and another zookeeper went to Target and registered gifts for the public to buy the orangutans.

The apes seem to enjoy music. They like toys that keep them from getting bored, so the keepers shoot bubbles at them. The orangutans toss around hula hoops. There’s even a full length mirror on the registry.

Klutts explained, “Mei really likes to check out the parts of her body she can’t normally see. She’ll turn around. She’ll look at her back.”

Also on the registry are movies like “Tarzan.”

Klutts noted, “The orangutans love watching movies. They plant themselves in front of the film and watch the whole thing.”

But why so many air fresheners? And what’s with the Britney Spears fragrance? All of that is considered scent enrichment, to spray, not on the orangutans, but on their things.