Anti-Trump professor on the run after rant posted online

(CNN) – A college professor forced into hiding and receiving death threats after she was caught on tape in her classroom, ranting about President-elect Donald Trump.

That recording taken during a class at Orange Coast College and since it was made public, it has divided the campus, with students coming out to both support and criticize the professor.

“Our nation is divided. We’ve been assaulted.”  That’s Professor Olga Cox, secretly recorded, lecturing to her orange coast college students. Not on the day’s lesson but Trump’s election.

“It’s an act of terrorism. One of the most frightening things and the people in my life, the people leading the assault are among us,” Said Professor Cox.

The professor’s words, spoken in her class on human sexuality, and recorded shortly after the election, is now fuel for conservatives, outnumbered on this liberal California campus.

“We obviously feel that at times we’re ignored, that our opinions don’t matter. They should not be void, they should not be facing ridicule,” said Josh Recalde-Martinez.

The college’s republican club posted the two-minute video from the anonymous student.  Fury followed in threatening e-mails to Professor Cox.

Students supporting the teacher blame one person, “This all happened since Trump.”

Trump has given young conservatives a powerful voice at typically left-leaning college campuses, say republican students at the famously liberal University of California-Berkeley.

So outnumbered on this campus republicans think twice before speaking up.  The Berkeley Republican Club’s Trump cut out was eventually left in tatters by vandals.

Post-election, they say they face open hostility and it’s only getting worse, but many orange coast college professors, say disagreement is part of learning

“The faculty at Orange Coast College do not believe students are such fragile beings that they need to be coddled or they need safe spaces where they don’t hear the political views they disagree with,” said Rob Sncheiderman.

The union that represents Professor Cox says she’s so terrified by the death threats that she’s moved out of her home and out of the state of California.

This is finals week at the college. The administration says it does not have an answer yet on whether or not she will be returning to the campus next semester.

The administration has begun an investigation, speaking with the student who recorded that video, a still unnamed student and speaking with the professor.”