Public meeting held in Northampton to address immigration questions

This meeting comes as Northampton prepares to welcome 51 refugees

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Within the next few weeks, refugees will be resettling in Northampton. Attorneys from Curran & Berger LLP held a meeting Tuesday night to answer questions and make sure residents understand the laws surrounding immigration.

Attorney Dan Berger told 22News, “After the election, there has been concern about what the president might do and how immigration laws might change.”

The immigration lawyers held the meeting in Northampton to address what they believe are misconceptions and concerns surrounding immigration. They wanted to ease the fears of undocumented immigrants.

Attorney Megan Kludt said, “I think a lot of people don’t understand the president can’t necessarily decide who is deportable, that is a decision by Congress.”

This meeting comes as Northampton prepares to welcome 51 refugees. Northampton has declared itself a “sanctuary city”, declining to help federal officials move against immigrants who have not committed any crimes.

Ralph Provost of Northampton told 22News he welcomes refugees, but understands the concerns; “As long as they are not coming over thinking they are going to hit the streets and start selling drugs and hurting all our people.”

For information on social services, as well as legal and educational resources, visit Brickhouse Community, Family Center in Greenfield or Center for New American websites.

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