Two singing contractors have a new viral hit

Their last hit has 15 million Facebook views

(Credit: CNN/WISH)

(CNN) – Two talented Indiana contractors are back with another hit. You may have already heard of these singing contractors, since they have millions of YouTube views, but they’re hoping their newest duet is their biggest yet.

The singing contractors’ latest viral hit was almost never recorded, but Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett liked the message behind “Mary Did You Know.”

Arnett noted, “It’s a popular song it’s got a good meaning and melody to it.”

They decided to record it last week in a garage. During the recording, they had to look at their phones for the lyrics, and they only practiced singing it once before the recording.

Gray explained, “We do hear each other, and we’ve sang enough with each other now that we’re comfortable with one another, and sometimes we don’t get every part right, but we just have fun with it.”

Their last hit has 15 million Facebook views.

Gray said, “We had one video go viral. It was “How Great Thou Art,” and then here about a year later, we’ve had this other video go viral, and it’s just been crazy ever since.”

With the Christmas season just beginning, they think Mary will be their most watched video yet.