Petition calling for re-vote for Amherst Elementary schools

It would cost about $66 million to build the new school

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – It looks like a new school could be built in Amherst after all. Last month, residents approved a ballot question to construct a new school that would replace and combine the existing Fort River and Wildwood Elementary Schools.

The measure failed in a town meeting vote. Now, there’s a petition calling for a re-vote, which would require at least 200 signatures.

Rebekah Demling, a concerned parent told 22News, “If we are going to educate every child we need to give them access to facilities that meet their needs; we know Wildwood and Fort River are not ADA compliant and we know they have physical space issues.”

It would cost about $66 million to build the new school, which some parents argue is needed because the two current elementary schools are run down.

The state said it would cover $34-million, if the town would cover $32 million by March 31st of next year. That’s an extension to allow residents to gather more information and reconsider.