Mannequin Challenge video leads to arrests

Authorities found six people, including children, inside the home

(Credit: CNN, WHNT)

(CNN) – The Mannequin Challenge has been sweeping the internet for the last few weeks, but one such challenge in Alabama led to two people getting arrested.

According to Capt. Mike Salomonsky, “The Mannequin Challenge depicted several individuals armed with various types of handguns and possibly an assault weapon.”

Madison County sheriff’s deputies say someone tipped them off to the video of a staged shoot out around 30 days ago.

Capt. Salamonsky said, “At 5:02 this morning, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, the City of Huntsville Police Department’s SWAT team and also ATF were present when we executed the search warrant at that residence.”

Authorities found six people, including children, inside the home. That wasn’t everything they found, though.

Capt. Salamonsky said they discovered “two handguns, one assault rifle which I believe is .223 caliber, and one older single barrel shotgun.”

They also collected packs of marijuana and ammunition.

Authorities initially arrested two men, 49-year-old Kenneth White and 23-year-old Terry Brown.

Capt. Salamonsky explained, “We are continuing the investigation at this time, we are expecting one, maybe two more arrests.”

Throughout the month-long investigation, law enforcement officers say they kept their sights on the community’s safety. Therefore, deputies obtained the search warrant and seized the house.

Kenneth White is charged with first degree possession of marijuana and illegal possession of a firearm. Terry brown is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, loitering, and promoting prison contraband.