Santa makes early visit at the Gray House Kid’s Club

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Riders have organized this Santa visit for the past 13 years

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Santa made a visit to Springfield ahead of schedule to give some needy children an early Christmas present. Santa rode into Springfield early on a firetruck to deliver some presents to some children.

One child said, “Fun because a lot of people have smiles on their faces and it made me smile as well.”

The kids are a part of the Gray House Kid’s Club afterschool program. The neighborhood service agency serves some lower income families and is located on Sheldon Street in the city’s North End.

Santa Claus, from the North Pole told 22News, “Today is about the children here at the Gray House. Wonderful children spreading some wonderful smiles and happiness throughout.”

For parents it is a present to see their kids smile.

Maria Lantigua, of Springfield said, “It’s very important for her because she is able to see her kids receive a gift from Santa Claus. They come here every year so it’s very important for her and her family.”

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Riders have organized this Santa visit for the past 13 years.

Nat Rice, Iron Horse Motorcycle Riders said, “Giving back to the community. It’s about showing our heart, and it’s about showing what we’re committed to throughout the year.”

About 37 children that are a part of the Gray House Kids Club received presents. Most of them live right here in the North End, and we’re not only happy to see Santa but also receive some presents.

The Riders ask for a wish list of items for each child so they can get them exactly what they want this Christmas.

Bernice Cruz, of Springfield said, “I wished for to have family time and have something to go with it and it came true.”

Julianys Lombay, told 22News, “Thank you to Santa for giving me my present, and Merry Christmas.”