Officials: Cambridge fire was accident, 125 people displaced

The Red Cross is working with affected families to assess their immediate needs

Photo Courtesy: WPRI

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Fire investigators say they believe the massive weekend fire that displaced more than 100 people as it tore through a neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was an accident.

The Cambridge Fire Department and state Fire Marshal’s office said Monday they’ve located the area where the fire began and there’s no evidence it was intentionally set.

Massachusetts firefighters battle large Cambridge fire

The Saturday fire damaged at least 16 buildings comprising more than 50 housing units. Three buildings were being torn down, and at least one other will be partially razed.

The fire department says more than 125 people were displaced.

The Cambridge school department says more than 40 of its students were affected in some way.

No one was seriously injured. An assistant fire chief has said it’s “nothing short of a miracle” no one was killed.


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