Don’t clear off your roof when it snows

Let nature do it or call a professional

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – When it snows, some people like to clear off almost everything to get rid of the snow. 22News is working for you with one spot you just don’t ignore and let the snow melt itself.

It’s a natural reaction for some people when it snows, and that’s getting the snow off of everything you own. All except one thing that really shouldn’t be cleared off by just anyone, and that’s your roof. That’s one spot you can let nature take its course and melt on its own, without clearing off yourself.

22News met up with Bunnell Roofing in East Longmeadow to find out why. Walter Carlson, who works at Bunnell Roofing, told 22News, “No matter how careful we or whoever does it, your going to cause slight damage to the roof. If the roof is done properly, if its an older roof and you have ice back up it could be an insulation, ventilation factor, or the fact you don’t have enough underlayment under the shingles.”

If for some reason you still want to get the snow off your roof, don’t shovel up towards the shingles. Instead, shovel towards the edge of the roof. Also, don’t just clear one section of the roof, you must clear the whole thing or risk causing leakage.

Most New England houses are built to withstand large amounts of snow to prevent cave-ins.

Another way to prevent leakage is to make sure your attic stays the same temperature as the temperature outside.


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