“Bad Santa 2”

A Look at the Movies

Rated R
1 hour 45 minutes

Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As the world’s most cynical Santa, Billy Bob Thornton never lets bad taste get in the way of a good laugh in “Bad Santa 2”, and if you saw the foul mouthed original, you know what to expect from the sequel.

As Willie the Grouch, who’d give the Grinch a run for his money, Billy Bob’s as grumpy as ever as the season’s least likely Santa.

This second helping of irreverent black comedy has the gang that can’t think straight planning to rob a holiday season charity.

Billy Bob and Tony Cox generate enormous amounts of R-rated humor that continually crosses that line, but once again Brett Kelly’s purity of childlike innocence as the lovable Thurman, becomes Willies only link with the rational world.

Time to introduce a new character to explain why Willie’s so angry at the world, especially hostile towards Santa look a likes actually spreading holiday good cheer.

Kathy Bates plays his monster of a mom that not even a son can love. As far as her maternal instinct goes, she is a piece of work.

How I was able to piece together so many smut free movie clips without offending broadcast standard I’ll never know, but you’ll get no such consideration in a movie theater showing “Bad Santa 2”.

For those of us not too easily offended, “Bad Santa 2” packs just enough outrageous comedy for a blushingly naughty 3 stars.

But, if you look closely, you just might see Billy Bob Thornton giving us an ever so slight wink of the eye that it’s all in good fun.